How to fry an egg on an XP !!

by Trubador

To start with we need a system, this is mine !

The basis of this system is:

XP1500+ CPU
MSI K7T266 Pro-2 Raid Motherboard
720gig Hard Drives (this is a fileserv rig)
Juno P6 Case
24x Liteon CDRW
16x LG DVD
Soundblaster Platinum + Livedrive

Now to the test:

The tools needed are:

1 x Egg
1 x Roll of Silver Foil
1 x Brown Sauce
2 x Slices Bread
1 x Heatsink

The heatsink was important when thinking about this test, and I wanted something completely different from "The Norm"
I wanted people to think "Cool, Thats er, wierd"
I think with this design I have managed that, I decided to make the heatsink out of copper coins consisting of 1p and 2p (sterling) coins.

Now to setting up the test:

I used the Silver Foil to make a tray,

I Then clipped the Copper Heatsink onto the CPU using ThermoResin, I normally use Arctic Silver but this was just way too thin for the ridges on the coin matching the top of the CPU core.

The system was now ready to run.
I ran through all the usual tests to make sure everything was set up correctly and ready to run, with everything sweet I turned the machine on.
I waited for 3-4 minutes and the coins started to heat up which was good as I wanted to fry my egg on this heatsink.
I then placed the tray onto the heatsink ready for the cooking.

Running the Test:

I cracked the egg into the tray.

I knew this was not going to be a quick task as the heat transfer was not upto the quantities of a normal frying pan.
It was a tedious task waiting for the Egg to cook but 11 minutes later it was loverly


With everything completed i shut down the PC and took the tray off the heatsink and promptly removed the egg and put it onto my bread with a little Brown Sauce and WooHoo, Food time

I have to admit that it tasted as good as one cooked in a pan !!

Now, next time I want Bacon as well